With the kiwi summer quickly disappearing, let us think back to the sunnier days of late December 2016 that took us across the ditch to Melbourne’s Beyond The Valley Festival to talk music over a game of chess with Australia’s hottest new brother and sister duo, LASTLINGS – The brainchild of Amy and Joshua Dowdle, delivering soulful tunes with a profound maturity that stretches far beyond their years.

How did LASTLINGS originally come about and how long have you been creating music together?

JOSH: The whole process was very natural. We would always muck around making music with friends and family, then Amy and I eventually wrote a song together and rest is a bit of a blur!  We went on to create enough material for an EP and haven’t looked back since. We still play some of those earlier songs in our live set now actually!

AMY: We’ve been playing music together as LASTLINGS for a year and a half now. Josh did some band stuff in high school, but never anything serious and I’ve always played classical piano in my room.

So you come from a musical family?

JOSH: Kind of. I also learnt classical music from a young age, but hated it (laughs). When I got to high school I decided to teach myself guitar which I think is the best way to learn. You may learn things the wrong way, but it doesn’t matter because that’s what makes your playing unique in the end!

How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with LASTLINGS?

JOSH: We’re a brother and sister duo who create indie-electronic music. I guess you could say we’re in a similar vein to Broods in the way that we fuse different acoustic and electronic sounds together.

Who are some of your musical influences?

AMY: Obviously Broods are a big one, also Banks is pretty cool.

How does the songwriting process work between the two of you now?

JOSH: It’s different every time to be honest. Sometimes I will start with an instrumental idea and then we’ll write the lyrics together. Other times Amy will come to me with lyrics and then we’ll jam together to come up with the music. At the moment it’s easier to work on ideas separately and then come together because Amy’s still at school and I’m always at work, so it can get quite hard trying to juggle everything sometimes.

You debut festival performance was at Beyond The Valley in 2015.. How excited are you to return just a year later and play the main stage?

We’re so excited to be back, but very nervous as it’s our first time playing on a stage that big!

How have you adapted your live show since then?

JOSH: Back then I used to play a lot of the samples on my drum pads, but we have a drummer now so I can just focus on keys and synths. It’s great to feel the kit behind you!

2016 was a pretty big year for you both – What was your proudest achievement?

IMG_1399.JPGAMY: I was really happy when we released YOU, also touring with Emma Louise and Vera Blue was incredible.

JOSH: Finding out that we were the support act for The Animals Australian tour was a huge highlight as we’re massive fans of theirs so it was a big honour.

One thing you hope stays in 2016?

AMY: Trump!

JOSH: My credit card debt! (laughs)

What’s in store for you throughout 2017?

JOSH: More Festivals, touring with RUFUS and then after that we’ll be planning our own tour. We’ve never been to New Zealand but it’s definitely on the cards. We’ve heard it’s beautiful and I’m a big fan of Lord Of The Rings (laughs).

AMY: We’d love to come to New Zealand. Maybe some day we’ll be there touring with Broods!?  

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