(c) Cybele Malinowski

All Our Exes Live In Texas are more than country-folk superheroes with a fantastic name…Not only featuring as our ‘Pick Of The Month’ with the long awaited release of their debut album – When We Fall, debuting at number eight on the ARIA Charts last week, the Sydney folk-pop quartet are everything the music scene needs right now.

Fresh, fun, light and funky – These ladies effortlessly turn the clock back a few decades, to the days of simplistic, heartfelt music and raw endearing talent as their beautifully dulcet harmonies compliment one another exquisitely. Creating an album that not only stands out amongst the crowd, but in our eyes, stands alone on its very own heightened pedestal.

Speaking of which, it’s not very often you find a record where there is not at least one song you want to skip, but I found out that’s certainly not the case when listening through all twelve songs on When We FallRight from the echoing harmonies and strum of the ukulele that immediately lure you into the atmospheric album opener, The Devil’s Partthrough to the stunning, calming melodies of When The Sun Comes Up, Sailboat and Oh Lover Of Minethe only urge that came upon me was to promptly press repeat.

Tell Me exhibits a slight change in pace that is bound to get those toes tapping as you catch yourself swaying along to the irresistibly catchy beat that will be left floating around in your head for days. Expressing a disarray of love – mess, chaos, punch-ups and everything in between, the standout track will leave you with a feeling of serenity and yearning all rolled into one.

The darker reverberating undertones of Don’t Cry (think Lisa Mitchell – Remember Love or television drama, Nashville’s – A Life That’s Good) equally highlights their phenomenal harmonising talents, that I assure you – are impossible not to fall in love with.

Concluding the album with the fantastically humorous track aptly titled Cadillac, whereby The Exes sing, “I wish I drove a car, a cadillac or a wagon, but my financial situation will never let it happen..”  basically speaks for all of us, am I right?

Filled with deliciously drowsy weepers, irresistible vocal-pop and heart-rendering harmonies, there’s absolutely no denying When We Fall is an exceptionally well-crafted and remarkable debut from a band that deserve all the success heading their way.


Listen to / Purchase When We Fall Now!

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