For those that are unfamiliar with Paradisia, the exciting and extremely talented independent three-piece, made up of Sophie-Rose (vocals), Anna (harp) and Kristy (vocals, keyboard), are in for an absolute treat with the trio’s enchanting debut album Sound Of Freedom.

Upbeat one moment, wistful and downcast the next, this is an album that, as it’s name suggests, features an incredible combination of sound and classic instrumentation. With relatable lyrics that draw inspiration from personal experiences, Sound Of Freedom creates a secret utopia for listeners to freely escape to.

Right from the moment you press play, the heavenly harmonies of album-opener, Tell Me are enough to draw anyone into the enchanted world of Paradisia.

Striking sonic gold with their second single Warpaint, a track driven by delicate piano instrumentation alongside Sophie-Rose’ captivating vocals that echo a gently fierce cry of solidarity.

The extremely catchy 70’s pop inspired Idea Of You and Keep On Preying are hidden gems that will have you toe-tapping and head-nodding along to the beat in no time.

Continuing to prove their musical diversity with the polished, darker genius of Hera clever track that lyrically blurs the characteristics of a heroine with the euphoric effects of the drug, as Sophie-Rose sings, ‘heroine, she’ll suck you in for life.’ The haunting echo of SR’s vocal performance particularly throughout the tracks’ captivating bridge will not only leave you with spine-tingling goosebumps, but a new found appreciation for the remarkable diversification her voice brings to each lyrical offering on the record.

Instrumentally, the R&B inspired Just Words is by far one of the most powerful tracks on the record, with a vocal performance that oozes confidence. Driven by the rhythmic beat of the drums, a touch of guitar and high-pitched piano melody, there’s a sense of inexplicable badass that lives inside this one.

Whilst the drums are still present, the soft-piano melody and magic of the harp are back in Silent Lover, the trio’s anthemic ballad and debut single that exhibits their masterful elegance which you can’t help but fall in love with.

If you’re in need of a new lullaby, the dreamy-pop Song For You is 100 percent it. Imaginative, delightful and divine all in one, Anna’s graceful accentuation of each individual note on the harp is like no other, as are their beautiful harmonies, which remain otherwordly.

Emotive ballad and album closer Dreamer is the perfect book-end finish to one of the best debut album’s we’ve heard from a new group on the scene in a very long time.

Paradisia’s debut album Sound Of Freedom is out on iTunes/Apple Music NOW! 

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