AARON CLARKE / MOUNTAIN BOY Singer/Songwriter + Producer – Mountain Boy                                                     Born in Melbourne, Australia, my family moved to Hamilton, New Zealand when I was sixteen years old, which actually … More AARON CLARKE


DAVE CAMERON Teacher & Founder of LearnCoach Growing up in Waikanae, a small town on the Kapiti Coast, I was one of six boys, so it was always mayhem in our house. Going through school seemed like a total waste of time to me, because  everything we were learning felt so irrelevant to real life.  It wasn’t … More DAVE CAMERON


TOM FRANCIS Hip-Hop Artist / Rapper I grew up an avid music fan in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, but only really got into rapping about three years ago. Coming from a small town, it was a little daunting because there wasn’t really anyone around who had made music, that we could talk to.  As far as my … More TOM FRANCIS


ANTONIA PREBBLE Actress I loved growing up in Wellington, it’s a great small city for a child. Everything is quite compact so you can go to the beach, go BMX biking, or go for a bush walk all within close proximity and it’s very safe. Weirdly, I’ve wanted to do acting my whole life. I didn’t … More ANTONIA PREBBLE


JACKI KEY Photographer Growing up in Northland, I was lucky to have an amazing free and almost wild childhood. We lived in a low socioeconomic part of town where the river came up under the house if it rained a lot at high tide, and with it came the sewerage. One of my favourite things to … More JACKI KEY


As often stated, there are two sides to any given story. The stories in this case, are those beautifully written and told by rising singer/songwriter Holly Rankin, or Jack River as you may know her, who today reveals a stunning collection of thirteen well-crafted songs that make up Sugar Mountain, a debut album that on … More UNCOVERING SUGAR MOUNTAIN: AN INTERVIEW WITH JACK RIVER